Welcome Russian Readers!

When I checked my Google Analytics statistics a few minutes ago, I was a bit shocked to see how many people had visited this site in the last 24 hours. After some digging, I learned that metkere.com, a popular Russian blog with over 300 regular subscribers, caught wind of my last post on Novosibirsk, particularly the part where Anatoli invited me over to his apartment for an Amway presentation of sorts. Their brief words, translated online:

Siberian hospitality
30.10.2008 04:23We read a blog post next ekspata, the will of fate caught up in Novosibirsk. Man writes about his impressions about the city and its residents. I want to laugh, cry, then laugh again. Our capsule translation:

The rest of the post was a piece of my last update, translated and slightly modified into Russian. How fascinating! To anyone reading in Russia: love your country so far! Yekaterinburg is a beautiful city, and as soon as I get my work done, I plan to do some exploring. It’s a shame I missed Russia’s largest zoo in Novosibirsk, and I plan to make up for it while I’m here in Yekaterinburg. If you happen to live here – and want to hang out – please get in touch with me at perlman(dot)alan(at)gmail(dot)com. I will be in town until November 4th.


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