Wahoo! I’m Back!

After taking a 10-month hiatus from the blogosphere, I’m happy to be back.

To be honest, I am not fully sure why I stopped writing. Maybe it was my new job. Or maybe it was because I felt like I had pigeonholed myself into a particular series of blog posts on The 9 to 5 Alternative. Or maybe, because I was no longer romping the globe as a cost-of-living analyst, I lost the spunk to sit down and crank out a few words.

Maybe. Maybe that was it.

Regardless, I missed writing. I missed the community of 500+ subscribers. The comments and emails. Meeting new people. Sharing and receiving stories, business ideas and images.

I believe in synchronicity, or meaningful coincidences. About a month ago, two events happened within the same week that made me realize I needed to write again. They were small experiences, but something clicked.

First, I received an email from Jeffrey Cammack of Safari Guide Africa. I had never met Jeff before. The email, titled “Keep writing,” included the following, and only the following:

Just found your blog, and appreciated the read.  I saw you have not updated for about a year, so wanted to give you the encouragement to get writing again.

Jeff, you’re the man. I really appreciate you reaching out.

Secondly, I was publicly called out on a well-read blog, The Tropical MBA, a blog that I’ve been a huge fan of the last couple of years. I didn’t even know I was on this guy’s radar, which made the mention more surprising.

So, I kicked myself in the ass, took a cold shower, hopped back on the proverbial blogging horse and created a brand, spanking new website:


It’s still new and needs some work, but after a month of tinkering I was ready-enough to hit the publish button.

So here I am, clicking publish. Look forward to seeing you all again.

In the meantime, you can find me on Twitter or Linkedin. You can also subscribe to my new updates via RSS or email.

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