Rationally Addicted to Travel

From the Freakonomics blog:

Travel Addicts
By Daniel HamermeshMy wife announced yesterday that she is “traveled out.” I’m not surprised — I am too: Since mid-August we’ve taken trips (mostly long weekends) to Istanbul, Munich, French Switzerland, northeast Italy, Amsterdam, Dublin, London, Barcelona, and, starting tomorrow, Paris plus London again.Her comment illustrates her diminishing marginal utility of travel. Today we’re planning next summer’s vacation, a week starting after a conference I have in Lisbon. I suggested to my wife: “Wouldn’t you rather go to a beach and relax after all the travel we’ve just done?” She said no; she realizes by that time she’ll want to travel around more than she does right now.

She knows how rationally addicted she is to travel. Fortunately it’s an addiction we share — and I bet this is a pretty common kind of joint rational addiction of long-term married couples.

I am also “rationally addicted” to travel. After 33 days in Europe and Asia, I was more than ready to come home, fully aware that after a few weeks of the good ‘ole USA, I would be ready to hit the road again. The grass is always greener?

What about you? Are you rationally addicted to anything?

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