A Cinematic Sampling of Africa (and Frankfurt)

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5 videos, totaling 3 minutes and 26 seconds of the most insane footage that you’ve ever seen!

Not really. To be honest, I’m a horrible videographer. In many of my home movies, I have this strange, Blair Witch-esque obsession where I position the camera under my chin. I promise, I’m not that into myself – I just need to think a little more about how a short clip should be structured. Cheers to better video clips in the future!

1. Entering Germany for the first time. With a 6 hour layover, I hopped on the train into downtown Frankfurt for a little tour and a fierce hunt for food. Unfortunate for me – no food.

2. Taken on the drive from Lagos to Ibadan, Nigeria. Shola, my driver, talked so loudly that I often had to finger plug my ears. He is speaking to his sister in Yerba.

3. After a first day of surveying in Ibadan. I took a quick panoramic shot of the Ring Road traffic congestion.

4. In Kakum National Park in Accra, Ghana. Welcome to the rainforest canopy tour – what an amazing morning.

5. On the trail, I ran into a coconut and palm wine stand. After this guy chopped my up a sweet coconut, I downed enough palm wine to render me tipsy for the remainder of the hike. Nice!

3 thoughts on “A Cinematic Sampling of Africa (and Frankfurt)”

  1. cool videos Alan, the canopy tour looks awesome. I definitely plan on taking one someday. Regarding the last video, I really love it when you just happen to stumble upon some out of the way place or thing and it totally makes your day. For me that’s part of the magic of traveling.

  2. love all the videos, Shmalan. Looks like all the views were beautiful on the canopy tour! much love, bro.

  3. Fun videos! I haven’t been to Nigeria or Ghana, but liked getting a little taste from the clips, you seemed to capture the moment. And the canopy tour looks spectacular!

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