2011: One Challenge a Month. Join Me.

Yep, that’s me. Bearded and sprightly, ready to tackle 2011 with the kind of boldness and gusto it deserves. This year, I’ll be seeking out 12 month-long challenges, as well as a few additional quarter-long and annual tasks.

Care to join me?

Pick a month, any month. Here are the first three.

January: Put on the Apron. Cook, Cook, Cook.

The Challenge: Cook 5-10 recipes you’ve never made before

The Details: It’s simple enough. Get in the kitchen and cook up something spectacular. I’ll be using foodgawker for recipe ideas, and I’ll publish photos/recipes for each dish I make. I hope my Boston friends are ready to eat.

Get Involved: Plan on joining me in this challenge? Let me know. I’ll feature your dishes, and you’ll receive double extra chocolate brownie points from the one-man team here at The 9 to 5 Alternative. You’ll also feel good about yourself. That’s a guarantee.

February: Produce More, Consume Less.

The Challenge: Write 1000 words/day

The Details: I read too much and write too little. This month, I’ll take a break from consuming and crank out 1000 words per day. I’ll use February to get caught up on some of my written projects. I’ll also put together a free eBook on goal-setting, to be released at the end of the month.

Get Involved: Feel like doing something similar? Your metrics can be different, but the idea is to produce something, little by little, day by day. If you are interested, I’ll feature you and your project at the end of the month.

March: Creative Fitness. Jumping Around like Spider-Man.

The Challenge: Learn Parkour

The Details: Parkour is a wacky interest of mine, but I’ve never actually tried to do it on my own. Well, that’s not entirely true. Give me a few drinks and I’ll jump off just about anything. Ask Sean, Nate or Elisa. They know what I’m talking about.

I’ll be using Steve Kamb’s post, The Definitive Guide To Parkour For Beginners, as a resource, and I’ll upload a few videos throughout the month to show you what I’m working on. At the end of the month, you can decide whether or not I completed the challenge.

Get Involved: All the cool kids will be joining me. Challenge me with a specific move, send me video clips. We’ll make it fun. Joel, you interested?

Q1 Goals

Here are some other goals I’ll be tackling in the first quarter of 2011:

1. Get caught up with all PMBA book reviews. I’m more than 10 behind.
2. Get caught up with all TCP (The Curry Project) posts. I’m also several behind.
3. Read The 4-Hour Body, by Tim Ferriss.
4. Complete the P90X Ab Ripper X Workout, at least once.

Annual Goals

Throughout the year, I’ll also be working on the following three tasks:

1. Doubling my subscriber count to 1000.
2. Publishing 12 additional case-studies.
3. Reading 25 more books on the PMBA list.

What are your goals for 2011? Anything fun?

39 thoughts on “2011: One Challenge a Month. Join Me.”

  1. You’re ON! Little do you know that I’ll be starting to practice NOW so I’ll have a head start and ready to kick your butt come March. Bring it!

  2. A friend of mine just asked me to take a parkour class with him – reminded me of the good old days and your front porch antics haha. Cant wait to see how these goals play out!

  3. Yes! I’m totally in for this months challenge. Looking forward to getting started.

    And you know I love the Parkour idea, obviously. Finally setting aside some time to perfect that off the porch jump, eh? Haha.

    Great stuff, buddy. Gonna be a HUGE year!

  4. I’m in for January and February…seeing the post-effect of random (inebriated) street Parkour I think I’ll observe that one from the sidelines. Maybe learn to jump down my front steps or something (they’re big cement ones, like 4 or 5 of them. Badass really.)

  5. I like the concept of achievable monthly goals. The next goal is to convert those monthly goals into lifestyle trends. Just look at everything you will learn in the first 3 months!

  6. Ha, I totally dig that beard. Gives instant writer credibility. 😉

    Also, the cooking experiment sounds like a perfect challenge for me. I’ll give my best to get at least five new dishes cooked this month and will document them in order to get my chocolate brownie points!

  7. Too funny. I’ve actually started a year-long series of “21-Day Personal Challenges” over at my blog.

    My first challenge is to save $25 a day (for 21 days) to put in my savings account.

    Great minds think alike! 😉

    1. Marnie! Just poked around your site. Very cool, great minds think alike indeed. Best of luck with your goals, we’ll have to check in throughout the year to keep each other on track.

  8. I know I’m sorta late to the post, sorry nobody invited me to the party…haha

    Anyway awesome man! I’ve wanted to do p90x why haven’t I? I don’t know but I hope your results will finally inspire me. BTW, the 4HB looks great I’ve read through just a few pages, while reading SWITCH (Great book also) once I’m done will pick that one up.

    Alright, good luck glad to have found this post.

    1. Hi Wilson, thanks for stopping by. I’ll make sure you get the invite next time around!

      The P90X is an interesting program, one I’d definitely like to try once I stop traveling. In the meantime, I’ll stick to their 16-minute Ab Ripper X workout. Heard SWITCH was a good book as well. It’s on my list!

  9. Thanks for your microgoal aspirations. Though virtual, it’s lovely to have something to egg one on.
    In the case that you need some inspiration for your first month’s goal, check out El Ayllu, a website I’ve been known to contribute to from time to time. Apart from prattling on about how Peruvian food reigns supreme, and well, geeking out on food at large, there are some practical recipes tossed in as well.

  10. I admire your initiative, it’s pretty original:D
    I have a proposition for April(since it’s the month when I was born):
    Oh, and good luck if you decide to take it:D

  11. Great set of monthly challenges, Alan. I’m a bit late for the January challenge but nevertheless will still partake in my own time frame. I’ve been meaning to find a good vegetarian/vegan cookbook so that I can try a new recipe each week. Got any good recommendations? What recipes will you be cooking from? Can’t wait to see the dishes you’ll be featuring.

    Nice beard btw!

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