2010 Quarter 2 Update

It has been exactly 6 months (and 6 days) since I outlined my goals for 2010. Let’s review my progress:

1 mile in under 5:30.
*I’m down to 5:44! Should be able to complete this pretty soon.

Run a half-marathon.

200 squats without stopping.

25 pull-ups without stopping.
*At 17 right now, which is really pushing it.

Be able to fall into a push up from standing position, like Christian Bale in Batman Returns.

Cycle 100 miles in one day.
*I’ve done three 35+ mile rides. Hoping to complete this goal before July 25th, when I leave on my next trip.

Be able to hold an L-position for 30 seconds.
*How people actually do this is beyond me. Seriously. I’m still trying to hold it for one second. Yep, one second.

Hold breath for at least 3 minutes.
*I’m at 2:20. This could be a funny YouTube video…


  • Redesign and rethink my vision as a blogger. Is this a travel site? A lifestyle design or business site? This needs to be cleared up.
  • Write at least 15 guest posts for other bloggers.
  • Get at least 500 subscribers.
  • Post consistently, at least once a week on Tuesdays. Sundays will be reserved for PMBA and case-study updates.
  • Develop a cost-of-traveling blog widget, an idea that I’ve been sitting on for several months.

*I’ve given up on the last two goals; posting consistently, I’ve realized, is more stressful than it should be at this point, and the cost-of-traveling blog widget is a side project I’m going to put on hold, as my plate is already full enough. Regarding my vision, I know where I’m headed, and I’ve synced up with a designer that’s going to help get me there. I’ve written a few guest posts (and have several more to write), and my current subscriber count hovers around 400.

A quick note: The goal of this blog is not to reach as many people as possible. I simply use these metrics to track my progress and stay motivated. That being said–the more people that read, the more people I can interact with and bounce ideas off of, the more fulfilling and purposeful this whole experience is going to be. I’m still trying to find my online spirit. You all have been a huge help.


  • Redesign and find a cheaper host.
  • Sell at least 5 prints.

*Part of my blog redesign will be merging my images from nepalprints.com, which has been temporarily taken down, to the new site. Don’t worry–pictures are on the way! Not sure how many I’ll be selling though…

I set this site up to record my experiences at different Indian restaurants around the world. It could go in a variety of directions.

  • Write at least 20 reviews
  • Get at least 50 subscribers

*Right now there are 16 reviews and 10 subscribers. Big shout-out to Earl (from Wandering Earl) for stepping up and writing some killer reviews of Indian restaurants in places like Mexico, the U.K. and Australia. I’m way behind with my reviews, considering I ate in six different restaurants throughout New Zealand and Australia this past trip. Stay tuned for more curry.

Read at least 15 more books on the Personal MBA reading list.
*I’ve read 5, but I haven’t published a new book summary in a while. More Personal MBA reviews are on the way.

Put together a long-term goals/bucket list.
*Done! Check out the list here.

Buy a keyboard.
*My new roommate, who I will be living with in September, has one! Crossing this off the list.

Hike the Presidential Traverse in New Hampshire’s White Mountains.
*Doing this in a week and a half, with Nate Damm from the way that you wander and a few other friends.

Score at least a 700 on a practice GMAT and then take the real thing.
*I decided that business school is not for me. I have a multitude of reasons, and it took me several months to come to that conclusion, but I’m happy with my decision.

Make at least $500 in supplemental income.
*So far I’ve made $332.01 from a combination of niche marketing and freelance writing assignments.

Reread I Will Teach You To Be Rich and restructure and optimize my finances.

Track all my expenses. To the penny.
*Still on track.

Finish the 21-day No-Complaint Experiment
*I’m going to try this in Africa, during my next survey in a few weeks.

Score at least $15,000 on Jeopardy! using the Coryat method. So far my highest score is $9,600.
*Done! I try and watch Jeopardy at least a few times each week, and lucky for me, twice I have scored above $15,000. Typical Jeopardy contestants score upwards of $25,000, so just to clear things up, I’m no genius.


What goals are you working on in 2010?

7 thoughts on “2010 Quarter 2 Update”

  1. Wow! You have a lot of specific goals. Very impressive. I just try to do as much as I can everyday with only a few major business goals per day.

    I am with you on the need to get focused with blogging. I don’t know what the direction of my site is either.

  2. A 5.45 mile is impressive my friend. I am currently working on a 6.20 average for a 5 mile race so I know that kind of pace is going to burn. Well done man.

  3. I’m a disorganized mess compared to you! I don’t even have time to figure out my goals for the near future…which I’m aware means that I should probably step-back and get my act together.

    Where are you headed in Africa this time?

  4. Always a pleasure to hear your updates. Congrats on all the great accomplishments and looking forward to Q3.



  5. Good for you for working on your goals and achieving so much! We are working on our fitness goals this summer. Travel can really take it’s toll on the old fitness level. While we always loose weight traveling, we never get enough cardio in. Hey, I didn’t know you were the curryproject! I will subscribe to you right now, that way you will be that much closer to 20!

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