2010 Quarter 1 Update

It has been exactly 3 months since I outlined my goals for 2010. Let’s review my progress:

1 mile in under 5:30.
*I ran a 5:57 mile a couple of weeks ago. Hoping to take care of this before the next update.

Run a half-marathon.

200 squats without stopping.

25 pull-ups without stopping.
*On January 1st I could do 7, now I can do 15. Slowly making progress.

Be able to fall into a push up from standing position, like Christian Bale in Batman Returns.
*I can do it, but not as fluidly as he does in the movie. I’ll post a video to YouTube when I feel more comfortable.

Cycle 100 miles in one day.

Be able to hold an L-position for 30 seconds.
*I’ve been doing the P90X ab workouts to strengthen my core. I’ve got a long way to go.

Hold breath for at least 3 minutes.
*At 2+ minutes. Hoping to finish this soon.


  • Redesign and rethink my vision as a blogger. Is this a travel site? A lifestyle design or business site? This needs to be cleared up.
  • Write at least 15 guest posts for other bloggers.
  • Get at least 500 subscribers.
  • Post consistently, at least once a week on Tuesdays. Sundays will be reserved for PMBA and case-study updates.
  • Develop a cost-of-traveling blog widget, an idea that I’ve been sitting on for several months.

*We’re getting there! I’ve found the vision for the blog but am still trying to map it out. I’ve only written one guest post, but my FeedBurner count is up to 353. I haven’t been posting consistently. Once a week, yes, but not on Tuesdays 🙂

A quick note: The goal of this blog is not to reach as many people as possible. I simply use these metrics to track my progress and stay motivated. That being said–the more people that read, the more people I can interact with and bounce ideas off of, the more fulfilling and purposeful this whole experience is going to be. I’m still trying to find my online spirit. You all have been a huge help.


  • Redesign and find a cheaper host.
  • Sell at least 5 prints.

*Still working on the redesign. I’m choosing between two layouts–should be finished in the next couple of weeks. I haven’t sold any prints yet.

I set this site up to record my experiences at different Indian restaurants around the world. It could go in a variety of directions.

  • Write at least 20 reviews
  • Get at least 50 subscribers

*This has been such a fun project! Big shout-out to Earl (from Wandering Earl) for stepping up and writing some killer reviews of Indian restaurants in places like Mexico, the U.K. and Australia. We’ve written a total of 13 posts and currently have 7 FeedBurner subscribers. Still not sure what direction to take this, but enjoying documenting my curry-licious experiences around the world.

Read at least 15 more books on the Personal MBA reading list.
*I’ve read 2. These books continue to be really fun to work through.

Put together a long-term goals/bucket list.
*Done! I’ll publish the list next week.

Buy a keyboard.

Hike the Presidential Traverse in New Hampshire’s White Mountains.

Score at least a 700 on a practice GMAT and then take the real thing.
*I’m close…hoping to take the test this summer.

Make at least $500 in supplemental income.
*So far I’ve made $85.87. I’ll talk more about supplemental income in a few weeks.

Reread I Will Teach You To Be Rich and restructure and optimize my finances.

Track all my expenses. To the penny.
*Still doing. Amazing how much I spend on food/alcohol each month…hmm.

Finish the 21-day No-Complaint Experiment
*Have tried twice and failed. I’ll keep trying.

Score at least $15,000 on Jeopardy! using the Coryat method. So far my highest score is $9,600.
*Done! I try and watch Jeopardy at least a few times each week, and lucky for me, twice I have scored above $15,000. Typical Jeopardy contestants score upwards of $25,000, so just to clear things up, I’m no genius people.


What goals are you working on in 2010?

12 thoughts on “2010 Quarter 1 Update”

  1. Re: Curry project
    Next time you make it to San Francisco, Avatar’s is an incredible Indian-Mexican fusion restaurant. Best samosas I have ever had, with the best sauces I have ever had. Favorite dish is the pumpkin lamb curry enchiladas, but you can’t go wrong just telling the owner to surprise you.

    Re: Keyboard
    Not sure if you meant an electric piano keyboard or a computer keyboard, but I have both, and I love both. More specifically, I found a great and cheap electric keyboard online with the intent of learning to play in my free time. It’s a good time. We’ll jam sometime.
    .-= Matthew´s last blog ..That Guy =-.

  2. Alan! This is such an amazing list- it’s inspiring and I need to make one of my own.
    I’m surprised that fall-down push up isn’t butter for you- that’s one I’ve been doing for ages because of breakdancing. I really fun trick is getting in pushup position, pushing yourself off the ground really hard to do a 360 turn (while your feet stay on the ground) and land back on your hands. Try it in the grass first.
    Also, I biked 100+ a few times before I was 16 and I’m not sure I could do it again now…one route was from Grand Canyon to Zion Canyon (120).
    …and CONGRATS on all the accomplishments you’ve already done! 2010 is rocking!

  3. If you are looking to improve your core strength you might want to try yoga. I picked it up in January and am enjoying it so far.

    I’m going to try to visit your blog more often, so get busy on your goals. I hope everything is going well for you otherwise. Jordan promised to give you a big hug from me when he visits so make sure he follows through.

  4. Thanks for the comments, everyone!

    @Matthew: Noted! Like the name Avatar too. Too many restaurants are named “India Castle” or “Taj Mahal.”

    @Cornelius: Thanks for those links! Not sure about the “poo flinging” for your 2010 goal, though…haha.

  5. Well, I’m certainly looking forward to continuing to work with you on The Curry Project and I truly appreciate the opportunity you’ve given me to do so.

    And you’ve just inspired me to create a more detailed list of my current goals and progress as well. I often tend to shy away from making such lists because I often lose motivation when progress isn’t made. But I think its time to give it a try once more.

    .-= Earl´s last blog ..How To Fund Your Travels With Creativity =-.

  6. Good luck with all of the goals. We did the PX90 last year and loved it. Vowing to keep the ab workout up when we get home. Our bellies have gotten soft while traveling. You can do a guest post for us any time. We are going to start another series soon, but we will happily take a post from you!
    .-= Dave and Deb´s last blog ..Everest Base Camp Adventure – Part 2 =-.

  7. I think my record for an L-Sit was about 60 seconds. Granted that was during my gymnastics days in high school. I can still do a pretty high V-Sit for 5-10 seconds, the L, well 30 with a bit of practice.

    I found the best exercises were: crunchers, plus of course doing shorter-time L-Sits until my muscles stopped working. Good luck!
    .-= Dave´s last blog ..Climbing Zugspitze: Germany’s highest mountain (Part 3) =-.

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